About The Author

Mike G. Norton

Mike G. Norton was born and raised in Canada and is a retired deacon and author of God’s Profound and Urgent Message. He has attended hundreds of Biblical teachings in the last two decades and considers himself a student of Scripture for 46 years. Mike and his wife Michelle have been married for 49 years and are former business owners. He and his wife are now retired and live in the state of Florida.

This book, “God’s Profound and Urgent Message” [Third Edition], contains almost 1,000 Scriptural verses and these verses and the driving force of its message are all from God’s divine book the Bible. It is not truthfully all the authors work or words. I therefore wish to shine the light on the book and God’s word and not on myself. For this reason, I would prefer exclude any Bio about myself. If absolutely required, then please submit just the following below. Thank you.