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This book clearly describes God’s profound and urgent message as derived directly from the Bible. God’s profound message to over 40 important key Chapter question in the book are true to Scripture as both the Scriptural verse and biblical source are referenced and identified in the paperback book and kindle format. [Not the audio book]
Sample Chapter Questions
Does God know anything about you? -Chapter 3
How did God express and convey His deep love for you? -Chapter 4
Exactly to whom should we listen to, with so many different religions and voices worldwide? -Chapter 8
What book has God instructed we read? -Chapter 10
Exactly who is Jesus Christ? -Chapter 19
What are the eternal effects of not believing in Jesus Christ? -Chapter 20
If the Gospel of Christ is veiled to unbelievers, when does God take away the veil? Chapter 25 and 26
Exactly what precious and magnificent promises has God conditionally granted you? -Chapter 29
What important “Facts” is God telling us about prayer? -Chapter 33
What has God said about church teachings that are varied and different? -Chapter 36
According to God, how many bodies of believers and faiths should there be? -Chapter 37
Is God coming back, what are we to do? What is the Rapture and the Tribulation? -Chapter 39
Israel, the Jews, travel, knowledge, lawlessness, and false teachings, what do these have in common? -Chapter 42
Get ready! What divine message is God leaving us? -Chapter 43

This book also gives evidence for the validity, accuracy and importance of the Bible. No other book in the world or other “written religious authority” in all of history, has ever provided such purity of text, such a degree of historical and archaeological confirmations, and such extensive prophecy fulfilled like the Bible does. It simply does not exist! With it, and through other means, God is absolutely seeking our attention for the life-saving information He’s given to mankind as we are truly at the threshold of His return.

God loves us as much as He loves His son (John 17:23), and He is conveying a message of urgency, a message of time running out, and a message to quickly turn to the Lord. He is pleading that we come to know Him and know His will and with a due sense of urgency. Our Lord Himself says we err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God (Matt. 22:29 NKV). Our part therefore, is to be attentive to His loving message while there is still time and grace and mercy.

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Bulls-eye accurate.
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I really appreciate this author's bold telling of the gospel and not dancing around uncomfortable subjects like so many do. I wish he could sit down with my unsaved family members and give them a straight talk about their eternal salvation. He provides a fantastic biblical summary on many topics and this makes for excellent reference material that can be referred to at any time. I've highlighted several. The author clears up the dispute about Mary and praying to the saints. This is a sensitive subject with my Catholic friends and I really appreciate the clarification. Thank you for being truthful about the lie of "once saved always saved." As a prodigal myself, I never believed that to be true. We must earnestly seek the Lord and our heart must be in alignment with God's will for him to move in our life. A great quote: "No one is saved against his will. No one is compelled to obedience who wants to be rebellious." Thank you for writing.
Great book to use in witnessing to others!
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Tks to the author for writing this wonderful book! Good from beginning to end and so full. I will try to buy copies for next Christmas gifts and give to each of my family. I could find nothing to disagree with in this book and am confused by at least one review of the book by someone else. I will, in time, re-read this book as I think it has a great sequence to be used in witnessing to our families and friends. So glad I read it. May God bless all who read this book with a better understanding of who He is and how much He loves us. Great, great book!
On Point
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This book is good Bible study and on point with the exception that Jesus and His Father, God, IS NOT the same person. They are one unit like my husband and I are one. I like all of the scripture references that are used.
Kindle Customer
A Must Read
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An amazing book based on the Word of God. I love the amount of scripture contained throughout the book. The Bible is the most important book anyone can read.
Las Vegas Customer
Excellent timeline
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Interesting view on rapture timing - I wish the next 2 were free also - will save up pennies to purchase them I think the next parts of the time frame will be super interesting.
Every person should read this book
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This book will guide you through all the principles of the Bible using verses spoken by Jesus so that you may understand how to become a true child of God.
Tommie Hudson
The message this world needs today
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It presents the complete gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is easy to understand. I like that most of the scripture is printed in the text. It is also helpful that there is a summary of important points at the end of each section.
G a ford
Everyone Should Read This
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This is a great overview of Gods plan from beginning to end. Packed with the truths of the Bible, a clear and concise picture emerges of a truly loving God.
Susan Livvix
A Must Read
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I was spellbound from the first to the final page of this book. You will realize the title captures the truth and urgency of its title. A must read for everyone.